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List of Left and Right Handed Coordinate 3D Libraries & Engines

I switch between 3D engine and tools on occasion and forget if the system uses and left handed or right handed coordinate system. To save myself from a google search each time, I’m creating a list to refer to. I hope it helps someone else out too.

Engines/ Libraries

Unity – Left handed, Y-up.

Unreal – Left handed, Z-up.

Three.js – Right handed, Y-up.

Babylon.js – Left handed, Y-up.

Modeling Tools

3ds Max – Right handed, Z-up.

Blender – Right handed, Z-up

If you’re not aware of what it means to be a left or a right-handed coordinate system, it simply the direction of axes if a system. The rule of thumb is that you hold your thumb, index and middle fingers all in a right angle of each other and this represents the x, y and z-axes.

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