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Map Scamper (BS Final Year Project)

Three of my group partners and I created a game for our final year project for BS (Computer Science). We modified an open source car racing game to accept whatever map we chose. The idea was to replicate real-life maps, road tracks and surroundings and use them in the game. The game started with a window for the user to choose which part of the world he/ she wants to play out of the Google Maps API.

After the Google API map has been extracted, it is translated into the game track and the game is readied to be launched. After the launch, the user is taken to the in-game menu. The next menu allows the player to choose the car of his/ her choice. Next, the game is started with the selected track. Furthermore, the game also analyzes the scale of the buildings that should be around creating dummy structures in their place to keep the game from seeming empty.