HTML5 + Mobile

Trollhunters: Adventure in the Troll Caves

Take control of Jim the human chosen by Merlin’s amulet to protect all of Human- and Trollkind. Go on an adventure along with Claire and Toby to hunt trolls. Trolljaeger: Abenteuer in den Trollhoehlen is an action RPG hack and slash dungeon crawler. The player gets to play a number of story and side-quests. Jim can be levelled up and unlocks his armour along the way. This is game is from SRTL and is developed by Flying Sheep Studios. It is a cross-platform HTML5 game created using the Three.js and Phaser libraries.

This game was created in part for my Master’s thesis at RWTH Aachen University. It employs Machine Learning algorithms that recommends quests to players based on their skill and preferences. More detail can be found in a relevant blog post or the corresponding paper presented at the AIIDE 2018 conference (draft).

It is hosted by Toggo at this link.