Run Sheeda Run

Run Sheeda Run is a 3D endless runner that puts you in the shoes of a Lahori kid named Sheeda as he tries to free his pet hen from the clutches of the evil Qassai (butcher). Run Sheeda Run is a title by weRplay. It showcases the old streets of Lahore also known as the walled city. The game packs a lot of cultural elements that you would see in a “desi” culture. It has a persistent map that was modelled after the many historical locations of the city. It is the first high-quality indie projects of its kind that chose South Asia as its primary target market. The game packs juicy mechanics and power-ups with casual humour targeted at all kinds of audiences.

The game is a part of a bigger franchise. The Facebook page has quite a few slice of life themed comics and a few animated shorts that feature Sheeda and his family; it features light humour based on the local culture. Most of these feature the contrast between the unnaturally smart Chicken and the easy going but air headed Sheeda. 

The game is is available on the Google’s Play store and Apple’s App Store.