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List of Left and Right Handed Coordinate 3D Libraries & Engines

I switch between 3D engine and tools on occasion and forget if the system uses and left handed or right handed coordinate system. To save myself from a google search each time, I’m creating a list to refer to. I hope it helps someone else out too. Engines/ Libraries Unity¬†– Left handed, Y-up. Unreal...
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HOME. (GGJ 2019)

A short story about a girl who comes back to her village after ten years hoping to find lost friends and see what remained of the place after the flood had cut it off from the rest of the country.  HOME. is a walking simulator in which the player looks for clues with the end […]
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Trolls Beetle Racer

Based on DreamWorks’ Trolls series, you play as Poppy trying to beat the racecourse using a flying beetle as the ride. The game showcases a special vertex shader manipulated by the level designer to create the race track. Trolls Beetle Racer is an HTML5 cross-platform game developed using WebGL libraries...
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